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Web Hosting Company in Delhi

Web Hosting : We are having our own Web Servers at Liquid Web Internet Datacenter, Thplanet IDC . All the state of art Datacenters are in USA and are backed by multiple ISP’s for speed and reliability.

We are providing Hosting and Domain Registration to many web development companies in India.

Team Technologies runs its own Linux and Windows Servers. We can offer any features that you may need. Also, the servers are the fastest servers currently available for Web Hosting. Our servers are powered with Dual Xeon Processors , 16 GB Ram .We put very few sites on each server. This allows each site to have the maximum possible available processor time. This is especially important for sites utilizing server - side programs, such As Intensive CGI Or Database Application.

We at Team Technologies are offering a huge variety of web hosting options on LINUX and Windows Servers, starting from small web space to Reseller Package and Dedicated Servers.

You can Trust Team Technologies for your Hosting Solutions. Contact us with your Requirement.

Corporate Email Solution :  We are Providing Corporate customers with Robust Email Solutions. Our Emails Servers are Protected by Latest Anti Virus and Anti SPAM filters. We offer customers with option of POP3 and Web mail. Our Email services are Blackberry Compatible.


Email is heart of communication for any corporate organization. We offer FAST ,secure , Reliable corporate Email solution in Delhi, India. Our corporate email solution protect email from virus attacks, Spam mails and wasted bandwidth right at the Internet level.

E-mail forms the bedrock of business communications, and will continue to do so for many more years. In the words of Frank Luksic, Director, Workplace, Portal & Collaboration Software, IBM Software Group, "Enterprise users have a mail-centric approach to work. They prefer to work out of their mailboxes, and their personal productivity and communication revolves around the mail systems."

A significant amount of the information we need to do our jobs is kept within an e-mail system. "Over 80 percent of us hang on to e-mail immediately after reading it," states Marcus Loh, Business Manager, Enterprise Vault, Asia South, Symantec.

You can Trust Team Technologies for your All Email Solutions. Contact us with your Requirement.

  We have launched Directory for Indian Web

  Team Technologies have completed
  upgradation of Linux and Windows Server to
  Dual XEON from P-IV. All our servers are
  from Dell

  Our Indian Business Directory now Have
  25000+ Members












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